Judge Fine Art : Heather Judge

© All images copyright of Heather Judge 2018

     Some say that the way in which you discover and pursue your destination is sometimes more valuable than the splendors it offers once you arrive. My paintings represent cross-sections of my pursuit of those journeys and are a reflection of those experiences.  When I create my artwork, I strive to capture a specific moment in time, to tell a story using the patterns and textures as well as the colors found in nature. One may find the references to be literal, tactile, and obvious, while others are transparent, symbolic and abstract.  The process of making my paintings gives me a sense of calm and peace, which extends to the viewer. 

     Not only do my paintings reflect the natural beauty around us, my methods employ many of the natural processes found in nature as well.  My appreciation of color gives me my inspiration and drives my passion to create.  It is my organic process and technique that makes my art distinct.  Time, water, and oxidation are just a few of the elements that come together within a series of layers. There is a fluid and natural feel to my assemblages of acrylic paint, ink, gold leaf, handmade papers, pressed flowers, and leaves.  The heavy texture used is structural and yet delicate and gives an atmospheric quality. My paintings are like an onion being peeled back layer by layer.  What is seen at first glance is not always all there is to appreciate and discover.

     Over the years I have been given many opportunities that mesh teaching with making art.  When I have had those moments to show how to make my paintings and people can see and touch the materials, it is then that people are drawn into what lies beneath the surface of both me and my paintings.